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Preparing Your Canning Jars

With so many people trying to save money wherever they can, it is no wonder why a lot of them are looking into canning their own foods. Whether you have your own garden or you are a person who likes to visit your local farmer’s market to get the best possible produce, canning your own foods with canning jars can be a great way to enjoy delicious foods while saving a tremendous amount of money.

As you learn how to use your canning jars, it is important that you use the right canning method for each food. Basically speaking, there are two methods that you can use for canning. One involves a boiling water canner and the other is one where you use a pressure canner. Foods that are higher in acid will require putting the canning jars using the boiling water method. These are foods such as fruits, jams, pickles and some vegetables.

However, when you are using canning jars for lower acid foods, it is important that you use the pressure canner method. These foods are generally meats, soups and a large number of vegetables. Properly processing the canning jars filled with these foods will help you to ensure the best possible results.

When you have your canning jars, it is very important that you wipe off the rims after you have filled them. If there is any food residue whatsoever left on the rim, it will not allow you to get the proper seal when you are ready to process them. And finally, you need to make sure that you are using quality canning jars before you even get started. All too often, people will try using commercial glass jars that they have saved from store bought foods. Not only will this not work for reusing, but there is very little chance that you will be able to get another solid seal.