Mason Canning Jars




Mason Canning Jars Have Many Great Uses

Mason canning jars have been around since 1858 and were invented by John Landis Mason. Mason canning jars were made for canning, hence the name. A Mason jar is made of glass, has a disc lid with rubber rings that covers the mouth of the jar and a threaded metal outer ring to seal the lid. The rubber on the lids seals the jar tightly. While the Mason jar and the metal ring can be reused, the disc is intended to only be used once for canning purposes. Most glass canning jars are referred to interchangeably as Mason jars.

Mason jars are still used today for food preservation. They come in a variety sizes – half pint, 1 pint, half gallon, and 1 gallon. Most are available in either wide or narrow mouth. You can even find Mason jars available in tinted glass. Mason canning jars are used for everything from pickles and preserves to jams and marmalades. Homemade jams and preserves make great gift ideas. Add a little personalization and you can give a gift that is thoughtful and budget-friendly. Be sure to use glass jars made specifically for canning as the glass needs to be able to withstand high heat without breaking.

Besides food preservation, Mason jars have many different uses. It is very common to see Mason jars used as beverage containers, especially in country-style or western-themed restaurants to give it a rustic feel. The Mason jars can be used as is without the lid or they can have handles on them so that they are easier to pick up. Mason jars are also often use in crafting. Popular uses of these jars in crafts are making vases, decorative containers and lighting fixtures. Because of its simple yet functional design, Mason jars are very versatile, being used for food preservation as well as crafting.